Hello, hello! Who would have thought I’d still be alive after 21,1km of running in the hilly Keswick area never having run a similar distance in my life ever before. And maybe never again, who knows.
Nevertheless, this is my first blog Monday after the race and I’m terribly sorry to tell you that I spent most of last week being lazy and compensating the fact that I ran more than 20km on a single day that previous Sunday. But let’s start last Monday, Early May Bank Holiday.

Monday being a holiday was truly a blessing given that my legs were still heavy, so I got to stay in bed longer and relax a lot. Short, I didn’t do anything really that day and I think, that’s absolutely okay.


Tuesday, on the other hand, was already a different story. I got up early again and went to the gym before breakfast. I’m not gonna lie, I was quite impressed with myself, doing sports just two days after the race.
The physically active morning was followed by work as usual and a lazy evening after work. No, I didn’t go to running practice at with Keswick AC. It was a very quick decision. I stayed at home and got some more rest. And I still think a break from running is well-deserved at this point.

The weather on Wednesday turned out to be dreadful so I decided to do what? Yes, that’s absolutely right. Nothing. Except go work of course.

Since running was out of the picture now, going to the gym was by far the most physical activity I expected from myself. And that’s what I did again on Thursday.
Probably one of the best things about going to the gym is that one old, very nice man, who’s there every time I go. We exchange a few sentences every time we see each other there and he told me he goes five times a week. This old man goes to the gym five times a week. It will never stop to impress me seeing him there do his daily workout. I aspire to be at least nearly as active as he is once I’m his age. Personally, I think it’s very inspiring.


The rest of the week was just as eventful as the first four days. All I did on the weekend was play some Basketball as the weather got better and Sunday night we went out for food, drinks and some social time with friends, including the best of them all: Noah the dog.

I think the only thing you can learn from this blog post is this: Resting and being lazier than usual is okay and easy to justify when you completed a very exhausting mission.
Having said that, I now have to be more active again because I can’t allow myself to hold onto this special treatment forever.

By Max