This past week portrays an excellent example of why being a volunteer with Momentum World is so interesting. We spent a few days near Chesterfield, Derbyshire. From Wednesday until Friday, we stayed at Paul‘s house for some media training and to get more comfortable with new programmes. Paul is one of our colleagues and the Creative Director of Momentum World, who knows all about filming, editing and technology in general. Additional to his interest for and knowledge of technology, he does a lot of youth work with Momentum World, leads training courses and international projects for young people.

When we arrived at Paul‘s place, one of the first things we did was try out his very own VR room. It‘s simply incredible how far the technology of virtual reality has already come, especially considering that what we used was not even the best equipment on the market.
Naturally, we had a lot of fun, even though Emilia was almost eaten by a very dangerous and very real shark!

After having some fun, we started working with Paul, who introduced us to and showed us around Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro for editing pictures and videos.
Getting to involve these kinds of programmes in our work is another great example of the variety of different things we learn in the course of our EVS. While being able to work with this is very helpful in an immediate perspective for what we do at work, it is also always good to know your way around programmes like this for whatever may come and require you to use them.

When we went down into town on Thursday, we got to catch up with some of our friends, who live in Chesterfield. We first met Nathan, Jack and Joseph on a project in December last year and it‘s always lovely to see them again every once in a while, even if it‘s just for a day or two!
All three have become increasingly involved with EuroPeers UK and Nathan and Joseph even got back from a fair in Leeds representing EuroPeers UK when we met them that evening, so it‘s great to hear they‘re out there engaging with young people and spreading the word about EuroPeers UK!

Before Emilia and I left to go back home to the Lake District the two of us and Paul went for one last walk with his dog Buzz. Though, one might think that by now, living in Keswick, the town where there might be more dogs than humans, we are tired of being around them, we had great fun running around with Buzz and recording us doing so with a drone in the air! Another incredible technology we will probably get to use in the future.

Back in Keswick, I did my weekly parkrun in a new personal best on Saturday and did some hill walking with Emilia around Derwentwater over the rooftops of Keswick on Sunday to conclude another week of our EVS journey, learning new things, catching up with friends we met here and being out and about in the Lake District!

By Max