I took part in an event which was held in a town in Cornwall- Truro.

In a social “Café Chaos” together with Andrew, CEO Momentum World, we held an event to promote Erasmus+ to representatives of organisations in the area.

People who came to the event where extremely interested and curious about how the programme works and how young people can benefit from its opportunities. Same as my peers at the University, they were not well aware of the programme and were very surprised after hearing my stories and experiences. They said they would share the information in their circles and really wanted to stay in touch with the Momentum World team in the future to further explore new upcoming opportunities. Even though a lot of them were above the age of 30, they were working with young people who could benefit from the programme.  

A few representatives from European organisations from the Czech Republic, Finland, and Italy participated in the event, and it was really interesting to speak with them and hear their impressions of Cornwall.

By Vaida