Long time no see!

Here we are four weeks after the Europeers training course at Newlands Park and I’d love to see what progress we’ve all made! I have recently started my new job and I’m loving every single second, as it’s social media based I spend a lot of time interacting online on an international level and I’m constantly thinking of ways this could benefit Europeers. I’m thinking of restarting my blog and using it as a base for advocating my EVS and the inspirational stories you all shared with me during that week. I’ve shared what I’ve done with my office workers and have already got people wanting to take part in Europeers programs. I guess what I’m trying to say is although it’s only been a couple of weeks, you may wonder if you’ve actually achieved anything yet, you’d be surprised! Let us know who you’ve shared your stories with, get them signed up to the newsletter and be proud of that first step, or second step, as I guess we all already took that first step together.

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Put yourself on the map!

It is one of the best parts of the job as Project Coordinator to join the teams of ‘fresh off the bus’ young people and tell them about Europeers and the prospects that lay ahead for those active in the network. Last week our now fully fledged EuroPeers UK had taken part in our end of summer training course in London. Young people from all over UK joined forces, shared their Erasmus+ stories, actively participated in workshops and declared their interest in signing up for many more international opportunities in the future. EuroPeers UK aims at reaching every young person in UK and telling them about the infinite world of possibiliities within the Erasmus+ programmes framework.

We are especially keen to share our work with the representatives from the European Commission Representiation in London and are grateful to Andras and Sophie them for delivering an informative and inspiring presentation on the range of activtiies targeted at young people all across Europe. A fun Q&A session afterwards helped with people’s understanding of Erasmus+

Our network is constantly growing and we are on the look out for young people interested in sharing their Erasmus+ experience with other young people in their communities, schools, universities, youth centres. There is a sea of opportunity out there to be explored. EuroPeers UK is here to help young people navigate it, we are your signpost.

The next phase of the project aims to put our Europeers and Europeers partner organisations on the national map. This way, young people who wish to get involved in the network could discuss it directly with a person in their uni, town or region. We now have members representing all nations wishing to actively volunteer for various tasks ahead and it is an accomplishment we are particularly proud of.

October 2017 will be packed with events organised by our Europeers as they will be encouraged to join the activities as part of Time to Move international initiative under the auspices of Eurodesk in the UK.

To find out more and to put yourself on the map get in touch with us!



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Europeers Training – Day 4

Training Course Day 4

 The next steps, actions plans & evaluation

It is absolutely incredible how fast the week has gone and to be honest what we have achieved. We are now on the final day!

We got the group to start focussing on what they would actually do after the training, For many in the group this would be their ‘first steps’ of their journey into the world of international education, and man do I feel proud to have been the one who has helped them do this.

I can relate to many of these young people as 35 years ago I remember my first steps. Then my second and then my third, I’m know on my 43,000,203 step and I can’t stop. Why? because I passionately believe in this and as a father I have seen the benefits to my two daughters. Having a dad like me meant they took their first steps some time ago, they have become:

  • more confident
  • independent
  • caring
  • open minded
  • better listeners
  • communicators
  • global citizens
  • able to use their initiative
  • are more determined… the list just goes on.

So as this course comes to an end I ask myself who wouldn’t want this for their children? Let me spell this out for anyone who is thinking we are better out of Europe…


I have now dropped my microphone and got off my pedestal with the complete satisfaction I have done all I can this week to empower a new team of young people to take their firsts steps into their new European network and boy do I feel good x

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How can I take my learning of Europeers UK into university?

Hi! I’m Ellie, and I’m a third-year Film student at Falmouth University and this post is inspired by my learning at the EuroPeers UK training in Newlands Park and, in turn, about my next practical steps to promote EuroPeers to those around me.

As the EuroPeers training week came to a close, its’ happening has ‘poked the fire’ that is my passion for our European identity and belief in the value of international experiences. Therefore, in the spirit of the EuroPeers ethos I’ve been doing a little brainstorming.

To begin, in search of potential EuroPeers, I mapped out the groups of people that surround me. I’ve got a few friends. In fact, during the EuroPeers training week, we calculated that between our 21 participants we have over 15,900 Facebook friends. By sharing on social media our personal Erasmus+/EVS/etc narratives we can give insight into the adventures of taking up such international opportunities and by tagging posts with #europeers and #momentumworld we can direct those interested to practical advice on how to do so.

Away from the Internet, I believe a cup of tea and catch up with friends is not to be underestimated. It is almost impossible to share memories about traveling the world, new experiences and cultural exchanges without enthusiasm spilling over the words, and I’ll be sure to recommend EuroPeers along the way if they wish to get involved!

Another way which I will search for potential EuroPeers is through organizing an event at my University, as ready is an ideal pool of active and curious young people that could benefit from international opportunities. In this undertaking, I will seek advice from other EuroPeers who have set up their own events. My approach to fellow students will be informal yet informative (hopefully!). I plan to communicate and collaborate with the universities official relevant bodies, such as the international office, European society, and Erasmus+ coordinators.

Choosing the type of EuroPeers event is a chance to be creative, I imagine a ‘EuroPeers Cafe’ where people can both eat (European food), drink (European beer) and talk/learn about EuroPeers (my kind of party!), or perhaps I will create an information table in a popular spot on campus – I personally am drawn to information tables which include freebies or have interactive elements and so I will bring my various collection of keepsakes and photos from my own international travels. Finally, (with permission) I will spam all the notice boards with leaflets regarding EuroPeers and EuroPeers events.

These are my first few steps I will take to promote valuable international experiences to fellow young people. Why not give it a go too?

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Differences USA ‘v’ UK

Hi! I’m Christina! I’m a Mexican American student living in London! I’m currently a student in media and photography! Unfortunately there is no Europeers USA (yet!). My friends in America don’t have the same opportunities I do here in Europe. I personally believe England and the EU have a love for their young people and students. There’s student discounts for everything! From shops on the high street to traveling across Europe. From what I experienced, it was go to school, straight to uni and then get a job asap! There’s nothing as a gap year. A gap year is unheard. I personally know no North American person who has had a gap year. Because there’s no room to experience and explore, most young people end up with a degree they have no idea about! Sadly, even a job they have no desire and love for.
Being a Europeer has inspired me to change and give my peers new and exciting opportunities. The chance to not only travel but to make friends and learn about themselves.
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Group throwing some moves with the yoof!

With every successful project comes the party. This project has young people who might have different tastes in music to the training team, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t open to learn (and also teach!). Tonight is all about new experiences and the challenges of the younger ones keeping up – Y-M-C-A… Never say we aren’t open minded…

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Europeers Training – Day 3

Training Course Day 3

 Reporting, filming and Europeers in action


Another busy day at Europeers mobile HQ at Newland Park Campus. The group explored basic film making rules and had a film challenge to work through. Below is Team 2’s film. More films to follow.

In the afternoon we met Andrew & Sophie two diplomats from the European Commission who did a presentation of Erasmus+ this was followed by a Q&A session with some interesting questions.

The last part of the afternoon was building a plan for delivering Europeers projects – phew full on day!!! again!!! this is just how we rock

More soon x

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S.O.S – Europeers unite!

The age range of this weeks Europeers training course starts with teens and ends in… it would probably be rude to say, but the majority of us are at a stage in our life where we’re thinking, what’s next?

I recently succeeded in getting a new job, a job that requires moving away from my local area and starting fresh with a new community. Usually this would be daunting but having spent the week surrounded by Europeers all I can see is new potential. New potential to contribute what we have learnt and advocate our ideas.

The job I am going into is social media based, providing me with the ideal output for sharing information nationally and potentially even on an international level. The team I’m working with are big supporters of investing in young people and giving them equal opportunities which again gives me a support network for any future endeavours I want to attempt.

I’m left wondering however, how I can use this situation to my advantage. What’s the best way to utilise the team around me and the tools I have readily available to develop Europeers in the future?

If anyone has any advice, ideas or methods of madness then I would love to hear them.

Let’s get the Europeers vibes rolling and show people how teamwork is supposed to be done! Share, share, share!!

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Formal versus non formal education

I’ve always struggled with my experience of the education system, the formal style of learning that requires so much conformity that you quickly forget what individuality is and become quick to judge anyone who dares be different.

This is why non-formal education is vital to us as young people. Non-formal education is taught by equals, those who teach us have no authority or superiority over us, they simply have a greater understanding of a topic that they wish to share with others and facilitate a process in which we can all learn. Non-formal education gives us the freedom to interpret what we’re learning in our own way and use it in a way that adds value to our life.

Europeers is an example of non-formal learning, we all have something to share and we can learn from each other no matter our age or background. Our intelligence isn’t graded here, as long as we have a passion for what we believe in then we are destined for a successful outcome.

I’m proud to say I learn better through non-formal education. Get rid of the focus on aesthetics, no more uniformed clothing and hairstyles and regimented rules and behaviours, trust me and give me the freedom to represent my story through the clothes I wear and the colours in my hair.

Non-education is freedom and I’m proud to be a part of it.

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Europeers Training – Day 2

Training Course Day 2

 Presentation skills, understanding Europeers & Erasmus+

Today has been an interesting one, there were a few issues early on around group dynamics and commitment to the process, but these were addressed early on and the day just got better and better. I was left feeling really moved at how hard the group worked at addressing the earlier issues and getting themselves focussed on the programme.

After 25 years of youth work I am constantly left feeling inspired by possibilities and hope that things can get sorted out and the solutions will come from the younger generation. People say I’m the eternal opportunist but this is because they don’t experience training from our perspective

Dafydd Wilson a long term friend of Momentum World was a guest invited down to deliver a presentation skills session,this culminated with the group having to do a Dragons Den task where they had to deliver a presentation about a Europeers to a panel of judges. The standard was very high and the group was seriously focused. This team development will continue into tomorrow’s film making session.

It was great to have some quality time exploring and getting a greater understanding the Erasmus+ programme and what a Europeer is.

My highlight today was using the Dixit cards as part of the group reflection and hearing the group and particularly Solomon’s powerful feedback

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What are we doing?

I am in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of people I just met a few minutes ago, all around from around the UK and now we are supposed to work together and be friends for the next couple of  days.

If it sounds a bit strange,  don’t worry,  this is how I actually felt in the first place when I discovered I have no Internet connection and my roomate is an owl.

No, this is not Hogwarts,  it is just Newland Park. I’m here for the Europeers induction training course – supposing to have almost a week of good fun, personal development and life changing opportunities to get involved in across Europe.

What I’ve learned so far is that I cannot give you yet a proper explanation of what Europeers is, simply because it’s about each of us. Our stories, our opportunities, the chances we took and the way we inspired other people. Therefore, Europeers is unique for every individual.

The training has just begun and people are constantly smiling. It is a good sign – I’ll keep you updated with our next activities, but for now, I have a”mission impossible” to complete.

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Europeers Training – Day 1

Training Course Day 1

Team building and getting to know each other

Well the group have arrived and this afternoon’s team building was a lot of fun, as well as starting to identify big global issues that are important to the group. It is a very mixed group different levels of experience of Europe potential here is very exciting.

“My highlight of the day so far was making zip wires for eggs (as much fun as it sounds!) and, of course, meeting fellow Europeers”       – Ellie Devereux


“I am looking forward to… getting to know my new Europeer friends further and developing my knowledge about why I am here this week” – Charlotte Oxborough. 


“I have already learnt that when you give a space for young people to express themselves without the expectations of a formal setting, good things will happen. This new group of young people are well on the way to be a committed and enthusiastic team of Europeers” – Ben Holland 

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Are we ready?

Good morning fellow Europeers! My name is Charlotte and I am one of the many voices of Europeers U.K. We have a fantastic week ahead of us and I can’t wait to see what incredible ideas we can form as a group of strong, likeminded individuals. Positivity, energy and fun are just a few of the words I’m hoping will describe the next couple of days

Let’s make it happen!

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I am not used to arriving at Newland Park and it not being sunny. We don’t care though because is going to be a very good week.

Just waiting for the rest of the team to arrive so we can begin the set up. Ben is travelling from Germany, we’ve come from Chesterfield, and Andrew and Trevor are coming from London.

I love the build up to a new project. Wish us luck and keep in touch with us during the week on the via the website

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