No one respects a talent that is concealed

Erasmus van Rotterdam

If you are a writer, a web journalist, vlogger,  and an all-round creative soul we would love to hear your stories in a vlog, a blog, or a picture form so contact us if you would like to inspire others to benefit from Erasmus+. We are accepting entries on a rolling basis so get in touch if you feel you have a compelling personal story to tell. Pitch us an idea and we will get back asap.

When putting your story together try to answer the following questions:

For placements and internships:

  • What to expect when you first arrive?
  • What was the most interesting piece of information you learnt during your placement?
  • What advice would you give to others about to embark on their journey?

Youth exchanges stories and EVS

  • Something you learnt that you totally did not expect
  • Something you taught to another person in another country during your time there
  • What are the skills you have learnt that will help you build your CV?
  • Why should young people get involved in the project?
  • Why should we Keep Erasmus for future generations of Brits?