On the 28th March 2019, Birmingham City University held an event for current students that focused on volunteering abroad and the benefits of the aforementioned. The main aim of the session was to make students aware of the benefits of volunteering abroad and that although they do not receive a salary they get their expenses paid.

Daniel and Ema joined me at the session to discuss their experiences. Students at the start were really moved by their testimonies, especially Ema’s testimony, taking into account how much her volunteering experience has influenced her life, I believe this made the students feel more comfortable but also it helped them relate to their story.

Questions were asked at the end and in comparison with the previous sessions, this was the session that had the best Q&A. EuroPeers made the idea of volunteering more attractive to the students as they knew there was an organisation behind them helping before, during and after they have taken the volunteering opportunity abroad. The network opportunities that are available to students after their volunteering opportunity makes it even more amazing. I believe EuroPeers made the difference in this event.

By Ana