My second EuroPeers training came to an end on the 1st of October. My journey started at 9 pm from Manchester airport and heading for the first time to Hannover, Germany, it was a 2-hour journey which ended up resulting in a journey of a lifetime!

As soon as I left Hannover I had the time to reflect on the last few days. I was going through the pictures on the plane, and what first came to mind was that I really loved what I got to do during the last few days.  

I’m passionate about sharing stories and experiences with young people around me. I enjoy telling them about international opportunities, the chance to meet new people, to see new places and experience other cultures. I often worry about what is going to happen in near future, where the world is getting more selfish day by day with 9-5 busy hours and people trapped in virtual reality, but then I get the opportunity to see the other side of the world. 

During the International EuroPeers Training, there were people on my course representing 14 countries and the result was 5 amazing days, sharing stories, knowledge, passions, laughter, emotions and forming deep connections that will last a lifetime. I was flying over a cloud and felt a deep human connection. They say how’s this possible?!? I say take the opportunity, introduce yourself to a tolerant and open society. How? Well- by being involved in great projects like Erasmus Plus, and be willing to travel and meet new people.

I am glad to be involved in EuroPeers UK who are young passionate people and understand the importance of doing Erasmus Plus projects.

It feels really good to remember the moments we spent together, it was an exciting and powerful action-packed schedule. I left feeling well equipped with knowledge, inspired and ready to inform other young people in the UK about the Erasmus Plus programme.  

Thanks to all our trainers and EuroPeers for making lifetime memories, friends, for their energy and time:)

By Nurjahan Ema