It has been a good summer for EuroPeers UK.

We have kept busy, kicking off with our training at Brunel University last month, followed by the course in Cardiff. We are extremely happy to see young people join us for a few intensive days of learning, sharing international experiences, gaining confidence in their abilities and purely enjoying themselves.

Thank you to all of you who have joined us for the journey thus far.

Both these events are merely starting points, from which our network will expand, and grow into something with a vibrant presence throughout the UK.

Our young people, now fully fledged EuroPeers, have proved to be an active bunch ready to learn from one another, organise themselves,  and put their ideas into practice.

As always we are here to inspire your creative minds and encourage your active involvement. There are volumes of opportunities out there waiting for you. EuroPeers UK are here to connect you to new people, places, experiences and help you along the way.

Join us today!

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