Being back home after my European Voluntary Service for over half a year now, it was finally time to leave again for a short time. I was taking part in the EuroPeers International Training Course in Liverpool in the last few days. Together with 30 people from 13 different countries, we were trained to become EuroPeers.
EuroPeers is a network of young people who have studied, worked, volunteered or taken part in educational projects in other countries. By sharing our personal stories, we inform others about Europe and motivate them to take up similar life-changing opportunities.

We’ve learned so much from one another, everybody got to share their personal experiences with Erasmus+ and we have created a great platform for improving skills and actively seek discomfort in various aspects.
At the beginning of the training, we had to think and talk a lot about ourselves and getting out of our comfort zones which was not easy for me, but it made the whole relationship to all the other participants way better. Energizers and lots of challenges also formed us together to a group in which we were coming up with lots of ideas for projects or youth exchanges we would like to organize (national and international).
Many participants already had experience with planning and running projects which was a great benefit also for me to hear how they started all this and how to organise everything. The visit from the National Agency of the UK was also a real enrichment in my opinion, because we got more information about Solidarity Corps and I got lots of answers to my questions.

All in all this training course could have never been that successful without our team leaders.
From the very beginning until the end they were always motivated, encouraging and always there for us when needed. I especially enjoyed the social time in the evenings where we could use the time talking to them and also having fun. I was also very happy that the two volunteers Emilia and Max were supporting the team and they did a fantastic job with lots of energy and ideas!
I’m very grateful for every moment I shared with everyone and I am really looking forward to creating my own projects one day!

By Jessica