Hi and welcome to our very first post in our very own blog!

From now on, we will be uploading one blog post per week! Every Monday! Hopefully… Additional to these weekly posts we will occasionally upload individual and maybe more personal posts whenever we feel like doing so, which means that not only will the times and days of these additional posts vary, content-wise they will be just as random. So, you’re in for a couple of surprise posts, as well!

In this blog, we will be regularly updating you and giving you a little bit of insight into our work, what we do on weekends and outside of our working time surrounded by this gorgeous landscape and what sort of projects and events we’re up to with our organisation Momentum World.

So, basically, what you get is an all-around blog about the life of two European Volunteers in the heart of arguably the most beautiful area in England!

While Emilia has been living in Keswick for almost six months now already, as she arrived in mid-September, I, Max, joined her in late-November, which means that I have had hardly anything else than Winter here so far…
Anyway, in all our upcoming posts throughout the weeks and months, you will accompany us to the long-awaited arrival of the summer season, but most importantly you will be right there with us on our exciting EVS journey!

Thanks for reading and until next week!

By Max