Hi everyone and welcome back to this week‘s blog post!

After the insightful input Emilia offered last week, I thought, I could stick to this sort of personal level of our EVS. In this case, I am not going to write too much about aspects of character and personality development, but rather focus on our time outside of work and organised projects.

Now, our free time is ours and ours only and it‘s obviously to be shaped, filled and used individually. That, of course, doesn‘t mean that we don‘t share our free time, which, to be fair, we definitely do quite a lot.
The process of finding new hobbies and engaging with the here existing communities is surely not an easy one for me personally. As someone who is completely new to a town, city or area, I obviously don‘t have any direct connections to people here, so these need to
be made at some point.

Something I‘m not really used to is approaching new groups of people, for example in sports clubs, without knowing a single person as there are none of my friends from back home around, who could introduce me to a new hobby and the people.

I know, I said earlier that this wouldn‘t go into the topic of character and personality development, but the fact that you have to try something new, engage with new people starting from zero is definitely something putting you out of your personal comfort zone, which ultimately adds to building your unique and individual personality.

Furthermore, noticing the shift from saying this post was not going to be about learning and developing, to be about exactly that, I would describe this as a testament to how big this factor of learning, processing and developing really is on a constant basis.

Now that I still managed to get this post to be about that, why don‘t I just stay with it for a moment?

Having come back from two days off work and going to Manchester for a concert, browsing and floating around the city, being able to do whatever I or we want to do simply illustrated and made me realise again that we are, everyone, essentially the bosses of our own lives and we are to decide how to shape and form the life we want to live and how to do it.

I genuinely feel like the significance of this entirely personal and yet global responsibility grows on you more and more as you get older. (Maybe it‘s because I turned 19 last month…?!?)
It‘s a natural process that you are responsible to be able to control and lead in its direction, the one you want it to go.

By Max