It is Monday again. So, here’s another little blog post for you. Enjoy.

Due to my usual shortcomings of things to write about, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about what we do here in Keswick.

Obviously, we spend quite some time in the office working on our project. Although, of course, we’d rather be outside exploring sometimes, we console ourselves with the work actually being fun and the view from the office being majestic. It looks different every day. Leaving it to the imagination what it might feel like to stand up on those hills at that moment.

Then, on the weekends, if we can, we actually do go hill walking. Even when the weather isn’t very good (which we wish it was), the Lake District is always a sight. I say this to Max every time we come back from a big city; The air feels so clean and pure, coming back from London (of course I’m exaggerating), I feel like I can breathe again.

On Saturday mornings we do the parkrun. It’s a 5k that goes along the old train tracks in Keswick. About 150 people come out on those Saturdays. For me, it’s good because although I really, passionately hate running, with so many people of different abilities around, it encourages me to run the full 5k. And afterwards, I can feel accomplished. For Max, on the other hand, it’s good to feed his competitiveness and he tries to run as fast as he can…

Tonight, I will be going to football training with Keswick Ladies, as I have for the past few weeks. I thoroughly enjoy it. I know nothing about football, have never played or watched it. And it shows. But everyone there is super nice and just wants to have a good time, so I’m happy just kicking a ball around, hoping it helps.

I’m working on joining the Tri Club here so that I can start swimming in the lake. Swimming is something I’ve done all my life. Although I’ve stopped competing about a year ago, it’s still a big part of who I am and I miss it when I don’t get to do it. Of course, they’re not out swimming yet, but they will start soon, so all I need now is a new wetsuit and I’m ready to go.

We recently went indoor climbing with a couple of friends, which was great. They work in outdoor education so they could supervise us and – literally – show us the ropes for when we might want to go climbing by ourselves. The next day, muscles, that I never knew I had, felt quite sore.

There are so many recreational opportunities here. Max, for example, has joined the Keswick Athletics Club. They do road- and fell running. Crazy to me, but a unique opportunity, as you can’t go fell running everywhere. Especially not northern Germany.

Overall, Keswick is a beautiful and unique place to live in. The tens of thousands of holidaymakers coming here every year are a testament to that. And although obviously, in only one year, I wouldn’t achieve to feel as settled and comfortable as in my own community, Keswick sure does feel really close to home these days.

By Emilia

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