Here we are four weeks after the Europeers training course at Newlands Park and I’d love to see what progress we’ve all made! I have recently started my new job and I’m loving every single second, as it’s social media based I spend a lot of time interacting online on an international level and I’m constantly thinking of ways this could benefit Europeers. I’m thinking of restarting my blog and using it as a base for advocating my EVS and the inspirational stories you all shared with me during that week. I’ve shared what I’ve done with my office workers and have already got people wanting to take part in Europeers programs. I guess what I’m trying to say is although it’s only been a couple of weeks, you may wonder if you’ve actually achieved anything yet, you’d be surprised! Let us know who you’ve shared your stories with, get them signed up to the newsletter and be proud of that first step, or second step, as I guess we all already took that first step together.

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