Greetings. Another week has passed and here’s the blog post to go with the beginning of a new one.

The last week was very…normal. We worked in the office, Max ran, I played football, we met friends at the pub, we went hill walking. Not much more has happened. Which I don’t want to complain about, really. As much as I like my fair share of excitement and unpredictability in life, I also enjoy stability and routine to a certain extent.

The hill walking, with the weather getting better and better, is becoming an important part of our life here. Being on the fells is so much nicer when the sun is shining and it smells like spring. Yesterday we went on a very popular Keswick walk up Catbells. The views of Derwentwater and the valley were glorious. I’ll miss that once back in flat, flat northern Germany.

It’s starting to get much nicer out and the temperatures are going up. Unfortunately, we haven’t got a balcony or terrace. Obviously, we can go to the parks and the lake to hang out. Which we do. But sometimes we’d like the peace and quiet of our flat as well. But since we’re crafty little dudes, and we generally don’t care, we bought camping chairs to put them up in the area behind our house, which is more of a private car park for all the residents. It gives us a chance to enjoy the sun and stay close to the house during lunchtime for example. We tend to make the employees of the New Balance shop next to our flat a little jealous, so this is our official apology.

I’ve been catching up with friends from school recently and it’s so interesting to see what everybody is doing now and to tell people what we’re doing, especially considering that we only just finished A-Levels last year. The time between then and now feels very long and incredibly short at the same time and it’s so cool to hear about all the things that our friends have been up to. Doing a gap year after A-Levels is very common in Germany, so the variety of what school friends are doing is big. Most of them are strewn across the continents, doing the coolest things, growing, learning and collecting memories. Some went on to uni right away. Sometimes I can’t help thinking that those people might be the ones that would’ve benefitted from something like an EVS the most. At the end of the day, we should do what we think is best for us, and let people do what they think is best for them.

Sorry for this little mess, this is me trying to recollect what happened in a very uneventful week. I hope it’s still an o.k. read. Have a good week!

By Emilia