We have just appointed our first member of staff Olga, as the project develops the team will grow.


I am the EuroPeers UK coordinator at Momentum World. Over the years Erasmus programme has enabled me to explore my educational interests all across Europe. I am passionate about youth work and informal education. In this fast paced world  having access to exciting learning opportunities is absolutely invaluable. EuroPeers UK exists so that the graduates of Erasmus+ programme can have a platform to continue nurturing their personal growth and sharing their unique insights, enhancing their professional skills and keeping in touch with their peers. EuroPeers UK is about making sure that we can all enjoy being a part of this astonishing programme for years to come.

I hold a BA in Political and International Studies with Sociology from Middlesex University London and an MSc in Conflict Resolution and Governance from University of Amsterdam. My areas of interest include youth issues, conflict resolution, geopolitics, the Balkans, cultural and natural heritage of the Mediterranean, languages and food security.

In my spare time I enjoy leading my Cub Scouts section, working on NCS, playing music with my band, checking out gigs across London and reading.

Olga Ambrosiewicz

Project Coordinator, Europeers UK