Ellie Devereux


My names Ellie, I am 20 years old and live in Lancashire, England.
Last year I travelled to Sofia, Bulgaria with Momentum World, there I participated in a weeklong Human Trafficking project.
My international experience; On arrival to Sofia, we received a warm welcome and were introduced to the 30 participants from both the UK and Bulgaria. The environment was relaxed and friendly; everyone was keen to get to know each other. My initial nerves had immediately ebbed away and were replaced by over-excitedness.
During the week we learnt about the massive global issue of human trafficking; we heard of first hand experiences and went out into the local town to talk to the public. Admittedly, previous to the project I knew very little, and this gave me more motivation to raise awareness when I returned to the UK. The project equipped us with the skills to campaign and the support after was always available.
This was the first time I had visited Bulgaria; it was so different and interesting; from the buildings, atmosphere and language, to the weather (we had both snow and sun in the same week), driving and food! It was great to share these experiences with new, likeminded, and international friends.
After two days of being back at home, I was itching to travel some more. Also, It was the first time I’d really started to reflect and think about the future.
What I carry with me from the project; When you get on a plane and make friends on the other side of the world; global issues become personal. My experiences on international projects have strongly influenced my beliefs. It’s a vital time for international friendships; millions of refugees are fleeing war, and it requires empathy from people around the world. I think that’s exactly what international projects can bring. So, if you have an international opportunity; take it!

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