We train young people and enhance their Erasmus+ experience. We connect them with other young people, youth networks, youth organisations and professionals. We make sure that their skills acquired during their time on the programme are put to a good use. We provide a platform for youth dialogue in the UK. We give young people the chance to organise events, forums and debates about the benefits of Erasmus+.

We are establishing a network of qualified trainers, youth workers and young people who are eager and willing to volunteer their time and unique sets of skills to the project. We are looking for people from all walks of life and all different European experiences.

Our mission is to incorporate all young people who are willing to actively participate.  We also want these opportunities to reach those who are disadvantaged, struggling to find employment, are underemployed or wish to build their CVs with new skills via involvement in Erasmus+.

We are campaigning to #keeperasmusplus for UK youth after Brexit takes effect. We would like for the programme to continue in the UK so that both UK and EU youth could keep taking part and keep changing their lives via participation.


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