Inclusion instead of stigmatization


The aim of this project was to initiate collaboration between youth workers and researchers. This collaboration developed the capacity of local organisations to address the challenges to integration facing youth migrants and refugees (age 14-24). This was done by highlighting the factors which contribute to positive outcomes for young migrants and promotion their adoption by youth work organization.

The participants have been exposed to with the global context of migration at international, EU and regional level. Having visited a number of youth migration projects and critiqued their methods and impact. As a consequence, we have been able to witness the courage and determination and character of the Rohingyas of Carlow, the South Sudanese of Kilkenny and the Syrians of Thurles.

After this project I firmly believe that to remove cultural barriers in society it is possible not only with regulation or legislation but this can be done as much within our communities and through day-to-day interactions. Creating spaces where one can openly talk about their prejudices and work to overcome this can be done in such spaces as youth centers and schools.

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