Hello, it’s me, I was wondering if after all these months you’d like to read.

Anyway, it’s me with another blog post.

As the title may already give away this was a prime Lake District week, and that’s also how it started.
On Monday, I decided to get some quality time after work in the evening. So I headed down to Portinscale to Derwentwater Marina where the boat racks with the WCCC boats are and took one out on the lake.
As always when I’m in a kayak on the lake, it’s very tempting to head towards St.Herbert island, get out of the boat and stay there for a while. Well yes, that’s exactly what I do, to be fair, that’s what I always do. I got to relax in the evening sun for a little while before I headed back to the Marina through increasingly choppy water. I will definitely miss this kind of quality time on a calm island once I leave…

Tuesday wasn’t much different in terms of outdoor activity as we got to leave the office about 2hours early, which gave me plenty of additional time in the evening. I wanted to go for a walk up Skiddaw anyway so this shorter office day came in perfectly timed. And so I did, I walked and partly even ran up Skiddaw and back down in about 3h10min, which sounds rather crazy now, considering that it took us a good 5-6h when we first walked up Skiddaw in February through heavy snow and ice-cold wind.
At the same time, Emilia and a couple of friends from the Calvert Trust went down to Bassenthwaite Lake on the other side of Keswick to get out on the water for some stand-up paddling.

While Emilia was busy playing football in another home game on Wednesday, I spend my evening cooking and having a little bit of fermented grape juice to treat myself after two very active evenings the previous two days.

Nothing major really happened until Saturday, but that day we met up with Adam from the Calvert Trust who we’d go for another hike with. It was time for a biggy, the biggest to be precise. At least the biggest in England. We started our hike in the late morning and slowly made our way up to the top of Scafell Pike through the clouds and over slippy rocks and stones.
Thanks to Adam, who is far more experienced than we are when it comes to mountaineering and orienteering, we did not end up lost somewhere in the clouds in the hills. Unfortunately, we literally couldn’t see anything from the summit, but at least we can still say we made it up to the highest mountain in England at 978m.

We closed out the week with a very relaxed Sunday because we were way too tired from the previous day to do anything anyway.

Well, here we are, the end of my second to last blog post. See you in two weeks for my very last one!

By Max