We believe every young person should have access to international learning experiences 

We inform and inspire young people about the opportunities they can get through Erasmus Plus and other mobility programmes



 EuroPeers UK


  • Promote the benefits of international programmes to young people
  • Give young people opportunities for professional skills training and personal development improving their employability
  • Encourage informed discussion about Europe 

EuroPeers began in Germany in 2005, as a young people’s initiative supported by the German National Agency for Erasmus Plus. Since 2013, the network has been growing in other European countries. EuroPeers UK was launched in 2016, on the initiative of Momentum World, one of the UK’s leading providers of international non-formal education. EuroPeers UK is managed by Momentum World CIC. EuroPeers promotes and supports the objectives of the European Youth Strategy to engage, connect and empower.  We are an active member of the broader international network of EuroPeers which at the moment has 15 countries as members. 

Anyone aged 16-30 with international experience or interests can become a member. If you are over 30, there are plenty of other ways you can work with us. We especially encourage you to connect with us if you are new to the idea of international education, and are a bit apprehensive about getting out of your comfort zone. We are happy to guide you and put you in touch with other young people who once were in the same position and taking part in international programmes transformed their lives.

EuroPeers UK is a youth-led network with 12 regional UK hubs supported by the EuroPeers UK Executive Team consisting of the most active, experienced members. Young people can easily connect with EuroPeers closest to them, see our Find a EuroPeer page.

If you have an idea for a social action project in your area and think EuroPeers UK could be interested in cooperating with you, get in touch. We already work with other organisations, groups and networks within the UK and in Europe. 




EuroPeers UK is managed by Momentum World CIC

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