As I complete my first month in lockdown and embrace the next 3 weeks that are coming, I feel like this lockdown was needed. It has helped not only me but everyone around the world to stop and re-evaluate their life. Appreciate the basics which 3 months ago were taken for granted. The privilege of being alive as so many people die, to have a roof over our head, food, electricity, gas, water and family and friends. Gratitude and empathy have been practiced more often which has been needed for a while. Community is being placed above ego-centrism. 

Time is now available, in excess which at the start made me anxious as I did not know what to do with this new thing, called extra time. Now, I appreciate it as it has allowed me to spend more time in the kitchen cooking (as a true foodie). I can now make bread which I love, I have been working out more and developed this love for yoga. I have also been doing more meditation which has helped me come to terms with this social isolation and practice my breathing. 

I know it is difficult but we can do it, we will be able to overcome this and continue with our international projects. Be positive, stay safe and enjoy this thing called time. 

By Ana