April 2018 Newsletter

This past weekend EuroPeers UK held their first network meeting right in the centre of London. The venue (O2 Go Think Big Hub) was provided by the National Youth Agency. The meeting was all about looking into the future of EuroPeers UK and discussing the best possible ways to organise activities. The gathering was not only for experienced EuroPeers but also for new people keen to become EuroPeers. Throughout the day we ran 3 different workshops all in relation to EuroPeers and Erasmus Plus. Before we started with the workshops Olga (Project Coordinator) gave a brief update on the current situation and the progress that had been made in the past months. Andrew (CEO Momentum World) talked about the National Agency, its commitment to Erasmus Plus, and the new partnership with EuroPeers UK. Furthermore, he described the future of the network and the upcoming opportunities especially for active EuroPeers (see further down for current opportunities for you).