My European curiosity started with my European Voluntary Service back in 2012, which feels like ages ago now. After EVS in Spain, I wanted to stay active, so I ended up joining the EuroPeers network. At this time I lived and studied in Germany. While in the system of European youth education, I had participated in all sorts of training opportunities, and activities and eventually became a trainer for the German National Agency. I then continued my studies in Sweden with an Erasmus semester and ended up staying for my whole Masters’s degree. So up until 10 days ago, I lived on the Swedish west coast in Gothenburg and now you can find me in snowy Tallinn on the Estonian coast. The EuroPeers network is full of surprises and sometimes you spontaneously end up in a different country. My transition from coast to coast has been going smoothly so far, I am learning loads of fun and exciting things about how to coordinate our cool international network. And I can’t wait to connect with you all!

January 2022