On the 29th of October EuroPeers UK hosted a Halloween themed online social. The event was attended by around 18 participants from different European countries, such as France, Germany, Finland, Romania and Italy! During the social, we shared our favourite things about Halloween and how we celebrated the holiday in our countries. It was really interesting to hear that not everyone is dressing up and in some countries people spend this time with families, visiting cemeteries and dedicating this day to reflection, and relatives that are no longer with them. There was a chance for the recap of the Annual Network Meeting that took place in Rome as well as the more recent European Youth Event in Strasbourg. EuroPeers had a chance to discuss new projects and opportunities within the network. There was also an open space with the quiz about Halloween and a costume competition, as some participants really managed to impress everyone with their amazing outfits! The winners will be getting prizes through the post in the coming weeks.

October 2021