Back in 2014, I went on a week-long program to Finland with Momentum World. It was an exciting opportunity to get away from my desk in London and to work with like-minded individuals from all over Europe. We spent the week in Villa Elba the most picturesque Finnish lodge and accommodation. We were treated to traditional Finnish culture throughout the whole week with foods, elves, and of course many saunas.

Being away from my desk gave me the opportunity to reflect on the work we are doing with young people and how important global issues are to even our small communities in North London. It also was a fantastic opportunity to facilitate and work with people from other cultures, although this is something we do in London being outside my comfort zone meant I was being challenged and was learning. As a group we were varied in age and experience which was the perfect mix for dynamic skills sharing, making mistakes, and experimenting. The chance to meet, live, and work with such a diverse group is such a wonderful opportunity.

Despite being away from the UK I roomed with 3 other British-based women, it was here that I had some of the most interesting conversations, shared ideas and made future plans to work with each other. It became an opportunity to network which has in turn brought many opportunities back to me in London, which have been brilliant and worthwhile.

An experience this diverse and rich would not have been possible without this program; I left with cultural knowledge and also a professional and personal development which I look back on fondly. I would recommend this type of program to anyone and cannot wait to discover more of Finland, maybe in the snow!