It is Monday again and what does that mean? That’s absolutely right, it’s blog post day!

To be honest, I will probably forget how all the previous posts started, which will eventually lead to me using the same introduction twice at some point…

Anyway, the official change from winter to summer time and the noticeable improvement in weather and temperature is quite a big and positive factor in our day-to-day lives at the moment.
Certainly, the most important aspect is not having to wear big winter boots any longer, it’s such a relief!
But seriously though, I went to my first Lake Session on Derwentwater with the West Cumbria Canoe Club last Wednesday and it really was great to be back on the water in a kayak.

I have previous experience with kayaking and canoeing so being able to do something you like already in an environment like the Lake District with all its hills and mountains around you is lovely.

What’s really nice about it is the fact that these Lake Sessions are in the evening, which makes it a very nice way of having a calm ending to your day after work and getting to have conversations with interested people about what I do here as a volunteer and what Momentum World as an organisation does in particular.
Then again, I realise every time I tell someone about Momentum World, that we are involved in youth work on an international basis and non-formal education, how strange it still is to explain to people in a properly comprehensible way what it is we do and who I work for. Not because I don’t know what I’m doing myself of course, but rather because it seems like such a distant concept for people, one they’ve never heard of in their entire lives.

This regular realisation is a constant reminder of how important it is to raise awareness for our work and the Erasmus+ programme as still so few people actually know about it, which really encourages me to keep spreading the word about these incredible opportunities. And that is a big and important part in the tasks of a EuroPeer, too.