The day had to come…it is Monday…the last Monday. Not in general of course, but it is the last Monday that you will see a blog post from us. Yes, it’s very sad, I know. Anyway, enjoy this little recap of our second to last week in the Lakes.

After an eventful week with our German friends, we were starting one of our very last weeks here.  With that, we got to do some more evaluation. This time with Paul, Momentum World Creative Director. We used film, podcast and photo to create an image of our year and had a productive three days. On one of them, we went to Glaramara Outdoor Centre to go ghyll scrambling. It was such a fun experience and all three of us enjoyed it very much. The water was so cold in the beginning but soon we all got used to it and had fun doing the jumps and slides into the wild water of the past rainy days, By the end of the last day we had to say our goodbyes but it really wasn’t that hard because we all knew that wasn’t the last time we’d see each other.

On Friday, I had my football presentation as the season had finished that week. Us girls came together in the football club and celebrated ourselves. We might be bottom of the table but we’re the most fun and laid back team in the league! There were awards and after we all went out to go dancing in the Loft, Keswick’s only nightclub. Joining Keswick Ladies has been one of the best things I’ve done here. It allowed me to make friends inside the local community and I cherish the connections made. Although I’ve never really played football, the team has been so amazing and welcoming and every time we stepped out on the pitch it was for fun and that’s what we had every week. I’m so very thankful for my season with Keswick Ladies.

While we’re on the topic of saying thank you, I think it would be appropriate for me to say a proper thank you to our organisation Momentum World and the amazing people involved. Andrew, Ben, Olga, Paul, Sarah, Trevor…it’s been a pleasure. Thank you for providing us with this experience and for giving us a chance to gain skills on a professional as well as personal level. Going abroad to work with Momentum World has given me so much and changed me as a person in many ways. I would encourage every young person to seek out an opportunity like this because whatever happens, you’ll come out stronger and wiser than you were before. 

By Emilia