The month of December started with the smell of mushroom soup and fireplace in Glaramara, the Outdoor Activity Center where we spent 3 days all the team of Momentum World. We enjoyed the time there working together and discovering the nature around us by walking.


We celebrated the Christmas dinner. The day was grey and cloudy but our friends from Calvert Trust bring colorful smiles and dresses. Pam! Pum! Pim! After use the home made Christmas crackers, so typical in United Kingdom we started the dinner. The food was delicious, so much that the Eco of the Christmas crackers was possible to listen in the middle of the silence.

This last month in Keswick we create a big, happy family who get together to cook, to talk, to laugh, to share a Christmas dinner. Besides all this amazing moments, the girls bring us sweets  from their countries and an insightful advent calendar, with a beautiful sentence that say: Prendi il meglio che existe e miglioralo. Se non esiste, crealo. “ Take the best that exist and improve it. If not exist, create it”



Last night at home, before visit our families and friends, from the window we could see one of the most beautiful shows that nature offers. We realize that magic exist, in this case, in the form of a snowflake. We went outside to admire how a white sheet was woven in the sky. I can continue feeling this magic moment, exactly in my forehead. Suddenly, I didn’t expect it, but Denisa made me feel a ball of lovely snowflakes in my face. The war began.


Nothing better that continue the night than to stroll through the narrow alleys of the old town without having to say anything to each other, just contemplating the beauty all around us. Our feet started to follow the depth of winter and we arrive to the lake. The silent was interrupted by the sound of my pee in the snow trying to draw a heart.

See you soon White Keswick.

By All