To experience a new culture and meet new people, to walk out of your head and enter somebody else’s’ (a somebody who may come from a different country or even continent), to look around you at an alien landscape and watch it become familiar is a rare opportunity and for many people a life changing one.

I had the chance to do just that. And I want to see that other people get the same chance I had.

It was for this reason that I decided to go on a training course for three days to become a Europeer. EuropeersUK promotes Erasmus+. It’s Erasmus+ that provided me with the opportunity to go to Poland (and soon Romania) and it’s Erasmus+ that provides the opportunity for young people across europe to do the same.

I arrived in Buckinghamshire on Sunday lazily stretching my arms and stifling a yawn. I was fatigued after my journey back from Poland but excited, here was an opportunity to learn to take what had been given to me and give it to other people. A wide array of activities followed in quick succession teaching me what Europeers were and how to be one, we had a visit from Madelina Kay, a.k.a EU Supergirl, who spoke inspiringly about Brexit and the EU, we went on to be taught how to film an event and then we actually drove to Amersham and put one on. It was after our street action (We went around speaking to people so as to promote Erasmus+ -a roaring success-) that waiting at the station to be picked up the most wonderful thing happened. We started jamming banging away at our makeshift drums and a woman came up to us and said that her father was in hospital and that our music had been exactly the thing she needed to hear in order to lift her spirits.

I enjoyed and learnt much from my three days in Buckinghamshire and I hope that this will help me in my future as a Europeer.

By Desmond