Discover EU – The free interrail ticket with not enough publicity

DEADLINE: Tuesday 26th October, 12:00 CEST

As an 18 year old the idea of travelling around Europe is too good to be true – let alone free
travel; but that’s exactly what the Discover EU scheme is all about. Originally set up as an
incentive to get young people to explore Europe, Discover EU has grown year upon year and
the next round of applications have opened and this year – with a twist.

Due to the disruption over the past two years caused by Caronavirus this rounds applications
are open to those born between (and including) 1 July 2001 and 31st December 2003 who
previously missed out on the scheme. There is no guarantee that you’ll be allocated a ticket but
you have nothing to lose by applying. You can apply as an individual or as a group.

Take it from me, who, way back during Discover EU’s early days, applied on a whim during the
second cycle. The process was relatively straight forward and took around 30 minutes with no
real taxing questions and it wasn’t until I got the email notification that I had been selected did it
all really sink in.

I’d done some travelling before but this was very different, the interrail ticket itself is so flexible
that it offers limitless routes and adventures for whatever it is you fancy seeing or doing. For me,
I decided to do some travelling after my ICS trip to Nepal. I needed something to shake off the
post travel blues and this was – quite literally – my golden ticket. I planned to start in Poland,
make my way through Germany, and the Netherlands and eventually back to the UK. Interrail
themselves have great ideas if you’re not sure about where to start or what route to take and
have suggested itineraries (which I wish I’d looked into myself!).

In Poland I went to my first (but certainly not last) Voguing competition which was absolutely
fantastic and made some rather regretful (but rather funny) memories in Berlin and Hamburg
before cutting my trip short to fly home just as I was about to get into the swing of things.

With up to 30 days of travel your Discover EU story is really what you make it and, as I
mentioned before, there really is no harm in applying. My top tip for potential applicants would
be to really consider what you want to get out of the trip once you’ve secured your ticket. Maybe
you’re a history fanatic or maybe want to visit the set of The Sound of Music (whatever floats
your boat.)! Make a mind map, or brainstorm however you like but whatever you do remember
to have fun!

By Annabelle

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UK nationals are welcome to apply for this round. We strongly encourage you to do so!

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