Hi Everybody,

My name is Edgar and I am from Málaga, beautiful city in the seaside of south Spain. I moved to the north of England to be a volunteer for sport and health across generation with the organization Momentum World.

Since I was a child I was interested in nature, sports and human wellbeing. Over time I realized about the importance to be in connection with the environment for increasing body and mental health. So when I had a look the info-pack of this project I thought that is the perfect opportunity to take a first step towards outdoor activities at the same time that I improving my English.


I would like to discover this beautiful landscape surrounded by mountains and lakes and connect with this nature and participate in workshops about healthy lifestyle in order to show people the importance of taking care of themselves and the nature around us.


My first days in Keswick I have received a pleasant welcome from the coordinators Trevor and Paul meeting each other around a hot cappuccino in the morning and with a cold beer in the night. They have been concerned that I was comfortable at my new home and I am very grateful for that.

During these weeks, I have had the opportunity to explore the area with my flat mates Denisa and Eva. We all three walked together around Derwenwater and Ullswater. It was so good opportunity to meet deeply each other. They are wonderful folks, so it will be a lovely experience to share the daily day with them.


Definitely, next months are full of new adventures and learning…

 By Edgar