Last months were definitely difficult and challenging for everyone, myself included. Since the beginning of the lockdown, I was living on my own and I would be lying if I said it was easy, but ironically, a lot of things happened during this time.

The first major achievement is that I have managed to finish my dissertation and submit all my final assessments, which means I have finally graduated from University. I could never have imagined that I would be celebrating on my own, but the feeling was still amazing. When I moved to Edinburgh, my main goal was to get a University degree and now I ’ve finally managed to achieve that. I actually still can’t believe it!

Except that, I’ve spent a lot of time during this quarantine reflecting on my life, reading books, and watching sunsets at the shore. In the middle of May, I started to work again for the fashion app from Portugal – CHIC Every Weather, where I was doing my internship last year.

I also had to make a few important decisions about my future. Initially, my plan was to start the Erasmus Mundus International Master Degree in September, which would take place in Glasgow, Barcelona and Rotterdam, however, I have decided to take this year off from studying and instead, gain more working experience in my field. In two weeks, I’m going back to Poland to finally see my family and after that, in August, I’m planning to move to Glasgow.

I know the time is very uncertain, but I have a positive feeling. I’m excited about the future and I know everything will work out for all of us after all.

By Edyta