My first experience with the Erasmus Programme was taking part in the exchange to Greece in March 2011, which was a part of the Comenius Socrates programme. The theme of the project was “Help yourself – find happiness by helping others” and there were five countries participating in it: Poland, Spain, Sweden, Greece and Bulgaria.

I remember when I heard about the project for the first time, it was my senior year of junior school in Poland, but I immediately knew that I want to be involved in this adventure. Not only did I see it as an opportunity to improve my English, but also to travel abroad and make new friends from different countries.  

After a few months of volunteering and different tasks, my teacher told me that, along with nine other students, I was chosen to go for an exchange to Chalkida in Greece.  I remember how happy and excited I was. I knew that the best is yet to come. 

Taking part in the project and going to Greece changed my life. I have met so many inspiring people and made friends for a lifetime. Sharing stories, experiences, and cultures, made me realise how amazing the world is and how much it has to offer. I have improved my English by practising it with my new friends and decided to embrace my perspectives on an international level. During these few days, I have realised my new dream – one day I want to study abroad. Today I am a third-year student at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, so I can reassure everyone, that dreams do come true if you are determined to achieve them