I am an Assistant Healthcare Scientist, and I  am the only girl in my family. My parents live back home in Bangladesh and they are in their late age. My brothers are in constant worry about me. I live independently and moving out of my home every day so I can give my best to the NHS, try and get through this. I am not a front line nurse or a doctor, I work behind the scene and assist consultants to get Lab reports on time. I am giving up my life temporarily so I can use my energy and skills to help save lives. I am writing this because I thought I can give you a little bit of inside what kind of days we are passing within the hospital.

Sometimes the days started safe and sound. And then some days unfold where people are coming to the hospital ignoring the advice of social distancing, ignoring advice to self-isolate, ignoring advice to simply stay home, still meeting friends, going for holidays and coming into hospital for ridiculous reasons. It’s really sad to see consultants and doctors breaking down.

Why did we not take precautionary steps a couple of weeks before and started knocking doors? We anticipated this situation but did not take any action. And now we know what is going to happen in a couple of weeks and still, we are treating Covoid 19 sluggishly. ITU is already full.

It is terrifying to think about how we are going to cope with it later on. I have seen staff moving from one department to another due to a fierce increase in blood samples. It’s terrifying for doctors to choose who’s life they are going to try to save eventually.

At the moment I am trying my best to raise awareness  so I choose this platform to raise my voice. Please, please stay home and in your surroundings, make your friends, your family aware of this and encourage them to stay inside. That’s what we can do to improve this epidemic. We can’t stop this virus but all we can do is slow it down and help doctors in this awful situation. Where they are feeling very guilty of themselves for choosing whom to take care of. It’s been a horrible day at the hospital. Death after death. The situation is really really bad. I know you are watching the news and social media but some of the stuff media itself does not cover. Some patients are dying while their swap has been taken, or waiting for a blood test. Doctors suspect and treat them as corona positive but the media doesn’t know about the inside.

Please stay at home so you can reunite with your loved one again, and I can get home safe, spend time with my brothers and visit my parents back home soon.


By Nurjahan Ema