At 6 in the morning on the 1st of May, I took the train from Edinburgh to Manchester to attend the “Engaging Volunteers, Changing Lives” event, by the European Solidarity Corps. 

Around 9 am, at Manchester Piccadilly, I met Laura – my friend from Edinburgh, who is currently doing her EVS in Scotland. We had a quick breakfast together and then we went to the Crowne Plaza, where the conference was taking place. 

At the venue, I met my friends from Momentum World – Olga, Emilia, and Max and people from the National Agency. Before everything started, Emilia, Max, Laura and I were introduced to other volunteers, who are doing their EVS in Dudley. 

The main purpose of the conference was to discuss how can we engage more volunteers to take part in different projects abroad and how different organisations can send their volunteers on projects. Moreover, people from the National Agency were explaining how can we write a solidarity project application for the European Solidarity Corps. 

I truly believe, that volunteering abroad is a life-changing opportunity. You are not only helping other people but also learning another language, getting to know other cultures and meeting your friends for life. I haven’t done my EVS yet, but I am definitely planning on doing one after finishing my degree at university. 

By Edyta