This new Eurodesk UK publication showcases 30 original stories covering young people’s experiences and the work of the youth sector. 

Eurodesk’s mission is to help young people experience the world. Engaging and inspiring young people – and those who work with them in the youth sector – is key to this. At Eurodesk UK we love sharing their travels, projects, thoughts, and views on our website and social media, and now in our new publication ‘Eurodesk: a snapshot in 30 stories’.  

The range of experiences covers six topic areas: Have Your Say, Study, Travel, Volunteer, Work, and Youth Work. From volunteering placements to studying for a semester abroad, everyone has a unique experience and a story to tell, not only on what they did but how it affected them personally. 

The publication is interactive so you can navigate between different stories and explore them at your own pace, selecting preferred topics and/or specific stories. It is also accessible for text readers. 

Eurodesk: a snapshot in 30 stories is available here:

By Eurodesk UK Team