Three EuroPeersrepresented the UK at the 4th European Network Meeting at the beginning of September which was held in a scenic town of Viljandi, Estonia. 

We shared our experiences, met with other youngsters from all over Europe and got a first glimpse of the newly launched European Solidarity Corps. 

We will keep in touch with our fellow EuroPeers and we hope to see them soon!

One of the UK participants, Rebeka, reported: 

I have learnt a lot and taken as much as I could out of it! I’m very grateful for the chance to be a part of EuroPeersbecause I feel it’s so important despite the politics and the unknowns of the future. We still should keep our friendships open for the generations to come so with that I thank all and everything you have achieved to be able to create such a life-changing project for people like me.

by EuroPeers