To kick off European Youth Week we planned to do a litter pick and dissemination event in Keswick, UK. This is where Max and Emilia, two long term EVS volunteers from Germany are staying (if you don’t know that by now then you really need to keep more up to date with the newsletter and social media!). Because I was travelling up from Chesterfield, which is about 4 hours away, I caught the train the night before to be there on time.

After a long journey, listening to music and a couple of good podcasts, I arrived; and it was raining. Although at first this made me pessimistic about Sundays plans; Max, Emilia, and I found refuge in a pub and had a nice evening catching up and listening to live music. Forgetting about the bad weather altogether. 

On Sunday we were up and out at 9 to do the litter pick. Keswick is an absolutely beautiful place so, walking around picking up litter didn’t feel like a task at all. Plus the weather that day was much better. 

During the litter pick, we managed to fill two bin bags, which was a surprise, as walking around there was not much litter about at all; So well done Keswick! We also got the chance to tell a few people what and why we were doing. They were all full of praise and thought it was brilliant. Whilst walking we started a Facebook live video, which is still on the EuroPeers UK facebook page. This allowed us to reach a wider audience than just the people walking around. 

After the litter pick, we headed back to Keswick town centre to meet up with Jack, another EuroPeer from Kilamarsh, and had some lunch. After lunch, we got set up at the moot hall, which is the tourist information centre in Keswick. We were there from 3pm-5pm and managed to have some meaningful conversations with people, as well as doing an Instagram live video; again to widen our audience.

On Monday I caught a train back to Chesterfield, but not until 7pm so we decided it would be nice to go out on Derwent Lake on a boat. One of the many perks Max and Emilia have from doing a long term EVS in Keswick.

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By Nathan