2020 has been a challenging time for all of us. Looking back at the past months we can say, with confidence that we have adapted well to this new reality of delivering activities online, and reaching out to other young people using various digital tools.

Ana and Nathan, two EuroPeers UK had an idea to run an online event that would feature EuroPeers from all across the international network, and this plan was realised last week at our inaugural EuroPeerathon.

With the help of our digital team, we managed to keep the three days flowing seamlessly, and shared sessions presented by EuroPeers. EuroPeerathon acted as a good promotion for the individual accomplishments of young people whose lives have been changed forever by the Erasmus Plus programme.

We got to hear from NA representatives, working to engage more young people in international programmes, we heard from representatives of not for profits, trainers, and EuroPeers themselves. We hope to bring similar events to our audiences in near future.

You can revisit the full event at https://www.facebook.com/europeersgoeurope/

#ErasmusDays2020 #EuroPeers

By EuroPeers UK