I attended a Volunteering Fair held at my University in Penryn where I was surrounded by dozens of great organisations. Hundreds of students came to the Fair, all interested in gaining new experiences outside their degree. It was great raising awareness and sharing my experiences with my peers about international opportunities I myself explored.  None of the people who came to my stand knew that these opportunities existed and were really surprised what they got to offer.  The only thing relating to the Erasmus programme they heard about is the Erasmus student exchange programme as this is the only opportunity promoted by the University. 

Having personally experienced the programme, allowed me to speak very passionately about what it offered and how it has changed many things in my life from an insider’s perspective. I hope that my stall encouraged people to get involved and begin their Erasmus+ journey. 

The event allowed me to meet great people from different backgrounds and potentially make an actual difference in a lot of youngsters’ lives, as Erasmus+ is an experience which could really transform their thinking, expand perspectives and allow to make connections all around Europe.

By Vaida