From 7th to 11th February, I took part in the Europeers Training Course. To my delight, the training was located in Liverpool, home of the Beatles, football and the Titanic. After a long train journey, that went from Brussels to London, and finally to Liverpool, it was time to meet my fellow training partners – all in all, we were over 30 volunteers from 13 different countries.

It was clear from the beginning that we had a lot in common: curiosity towards other people and cultures, our love for travel, desire to learn and a huge motivation to improve ourselves and make a positive impact in the world around us. Despite the similarities, we were a really diverse group, like you could only find it at an Erasmus+ Training course. We had painters, dancers, public speakers, comedians, movie makers, leaders, coaches, peacemakers, storytellers, innovators, dreamers, and many, many more. And most importantly, we managed to create a safe space to accommodate the diversity and make everyone feel comfortable to share their thoughts, fears, hopes, and inspirations.

With this promising starting point, the next days would not be boring. We got the chance to slip into the roles of news journalists to practice public speaking, we learned the basic rules of movie making and got the chance to shoot our own short movie (including bloopers 😉 ) and dance to Macarena in the streets of Liverpool.

Besides this very active and creative side, the training also offered space for reflection – both self-reflection and in groups. I really enjoyed this time, and it made me realise how rarely I personally take time out of my day to do this kind of exercise. Where am I, where do I want to be, how do I get there?

Another good exercise to put these thoughts into practice was the creation of our own Erasmus+ project idea that would help our community back home. Not only did it gave me the chance to seriously consider my own future plans, but I also got feedback from others and a chance to get inspired by their own aspirations and ideas.

All in all, it was a wonderful training. In the end, I left Liverpool refilled with energy, a head full of new ideas, and above all, a phone with the contacts of great new friends, that I hope to see again very soon somewhere in this world.

By Lynn