Three Scots went on an adventure . . . They had never met, they didn’t fully know what they had signed up to, they didn’t even know where they were headed to . . . Having just found out about a fully-funded residential training course in St Albans Academy, London offering the chance to improve confidence, learn presentation skills, media skills, learn about new cultures and make new friends, who could refuse…

This course was run by Europeers which they soon discovered was a network of young people who share and promote their Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps experiences. These experiences being: funded training, work, volunteering and youth exchange opportunities abroad. This was all new to them and they couldn’t believe what chances were available but now that they know these programmes exist they want to share what they have learnt with the world . . . Well, the rest of Scotland at least . . . And that is what they have started to do.

Having had the most fun weekend of learning and making friends for life they headed home with an ambition to spread the word on what they had learnt. Two of them, who work in local government, thought this would be an easy task to do. It started with them targeting a small group of staff at Aberdeen City Council where they shared their St Albans experience and explained what Europeers, Erasmus Plus and ESC was and how others could get involved. Staff enjoyed this event and also the fact that young people from across Scotland had come together to organise it.

Following this success, they aimed bigger and better for an event at Stirling Council, targeting a wider audience and inviting more guest speakers to attend. It was a beneficial afternoon in Stirling. There was a great mix of people in attendance, all with different reasons for being there; high schoolers looking at what to do before starting university, younger staff seeing what opportunities they could take, staff wanting to find out more so they can share with the members of public they work with and also older staff finding out information to share with their own children. One of the guest speakers shared her own personal story which was inspirational to all and is still being talked about since the event, proving how life-changing the adventures these programmes offer are.

It has definitely got people talking about what is on offer and hopefully, the word continues to spread through Scotland, UK and beyond.

By Emma-Louise