The EuroPeers Cookbook

Concept: A storybook of recipes that reflects the values and spirit of EuroPeers UK. The book will be a compilation of recipes from around the world as submitted by EuroPeers. Each recipe will be complemented with a photo of the EuroPeer, their brief story including their international experience, the context/story of the recipe and a brief description of the dish. Imagine Humans of New York meets Jamie Oliver.

Target: Age 16-35-year-olds who are worldly curious and enjoy delicious food

Language: English with the addition of recipes in the native languages where possible


  • To compile an international cookbook that is guided by the international experiences of EuroPeers
  • To promote international experiences through the medium of food and story  

  • For the cookbook to reflect the values and spirit of EuroPeers

  • For the cookbook to be freely available, easily accessible and useable in different contexts