The training took place between 24-27 June 2018 in Buckinghamshire. 

On the first day the training session started with an introduction to the upcoming week. To break the ice participants wrote a song together using various types of equipment which they made. Firstday of the training ended with a visit to a local pub with a special guest, Young European of the Year 2018, EU SUPERGIRLwho sang songs and shared some of her experiences.

Soon after breakfastwe kicked off day 2 with an energiser which was a bit weird but lots of fun. EU SUPERGIRL joined the group and spoke about becoming EU SUPERGIRL and the importance of youth activism in Europe today. The session then continued with a “Treasure Hunt”. We divided into 3 groups and made short films. It was a lovely sunny day and we carried on working underneath a chestnut tree as it was burning hot. We learned about professionalism and assertiveness and about how to deal with different types of people we encounter in our lives. The second day ended up in an incredible way, we did a great activity in smaller teams and each team worked on a series of tasks where we invented our own countries with customs, languages, national dishes, dances and outfits. We even made our own laws and our own national athems, we let ourselves be extremely creative. Teams displayed their work to other groups and finally, we enjoyed a party with food, drinks and music.

On the third day, we organised an energetic #EuroPeers street action in Amersham and we talked about our next steps as EuroPeers. We felt inspired to broaden the network even more and to make other young people aware of all the amazing opportunities Erasmus+ provides.

Last and final day ended up with a discussion about more opportunities coming up in the next few months. We spoke about how to use our creativity for many different EuroPeers activities all over the UK such as information sessions at schools, at youth clubs and NGOs, using street stalls and local fairs. We can’t wait to get more active!

It was a real pleasure to attend the EuroPeers training, I have learned how easily we can make friends and create a bond in such a short period of time. It was hard to say goodbye to my friends, trainers and to the place where I spent 3 most amazing days of 2018. No matter which country or city we are from, at the end of the day we all have so much in common, we all have something to share with others and we can motivate them with our own stories, experiences, education, involvement in activities that we had internationally through ERASMUS+. It is us who have to share our worlds to let other young people in society get involved in similar opportunities to ours. It becomes much easier to share experiences when there are networks such as EUROPEERS UK.

by Ema