Here is a recap of the EuroPeersUK September course at Academy St Albans… 

The time on the course went quickly. We met on day 1 for the very first time, initially, we were total strangers, but these several days together changed everything. Now we are friends who cannot stop talking despite the long distance between us! We hope to meet again as soon as possible!

What have we been doing during the course you may want to ask? Well… a lot! The course consisted of: 

Day 1: meeting others & icebreaker games, name games, a workshop about EuroPeers, team building activities, introduction to the EuroPeers graduation process, and telling stories about significant personal objects

Day 2: learning storytelling skills, a workshop with the guest speaker from the UK National Agency, sharing EuroPeers stories, finding out more information about EuroPeers, EVS, Erasmus Plus, European Solidarity Corps, practising public speaking, getting more information about opportunities, an intercultural evening, and a music quiz

Day 3: film making tips, and tricks, the professionalism session, EuroPeers in Action Challenge, learning about promotional activities, and social time

Day 4: community mapping, action planning, evaluation, final reflection, final thoughts, graduation, and farewells

In just four (not even full days) so much had been done and learned.

I want to say THANK YOU to the organisers, EuroPeers UK, and the Erasmus+ programme for this possibility to become part of a big global family!

I am looking forward to other opportunities!

By Erika