A while ago we have asked for your thoughts on the prospect of developing our very own online virtual space. 

Over the last few months, the EuroPeers UK team has been working on a new level of innovation that aims to generate a different kind of online presence for young people. In partnership with Momentum World and Chesterfield College, a new 360 virtual space is being developed.

The virtual space will be accessed via a web browser meaning no special equipment is needed. Using a mouse and keyboard you will be able to navigate through various rooms exploring different aspects of EuroPeers UK.

The different rooms we hope to include are:
 The main foyer
 The International room
 The EuroPeers cinema space
 The EuroPeers library
 The Communication room
 The Newsroom
 Then there will be a portal to the ‘contact us’ and the ‘get involved’ room.

Project Manager Paul Oxborough shared:

“We are trying to redefine how young people access information online – most people have been ‘zoomed’ to death throughout 2020 so we have to look at new creative ways to re-engage them. By working with Chesterfield College it means the students can take on meaningful work experience with us as a client and develop a product they can add to their portfolios. This will help when they go for future jobs”.

Watch this space, we will do another feature in the next newsletter.

By EuroPeers UK Team