What’s that Keswick?

Hello, people around the globe! My name is Eva. I’m a teacher from Greece and the story goes like this. 

May 2019: I’ve decided to quit my job as a waitress in my hometown and as evidence of escapism I apply for Erasmus+ projects.  It’s June and my luck brings me to Poland for twenty days as a member of the Greek NGO “YouInEurope”. Two projects, many new people, different cultures and the brilliant sense of feeling “Alive” captivates me. I’m falling head over heels with the idea of traveling and I don’t want this Polish experience to end. So, I’m searching for the next one. An EVS opportunity appears in Romania. The topic is “Sports and Education” and I say “Why not? What do I have to lose?”. And the beautiful Sighisoara becomes my home for the next two months. Workshops in local schools and filmmaking are my prior tasks. What else can I ask as a teacher, amateur filmmaker and a person who adores being “On the road again”. 

 It’s almost the end of July. A late midnight thought tells me that it’s time for my long term EVS. Languages and Cultures, Nature, Filmmaking and the full scope of non-formal education are about to invade my life as the basic factor of this international experience. And the question is “Where?”. Where I’m I about to spend a year of my life? 

 After searching for no more than fifteen minutes on a Facebook page about ESC & EVS, three possible choices appear. EVS in schools in Malaga, EVS in schools in Vilnius and projects in the UK. I don’t know where in the UK or the topic of the project, but as long as I’ve never been there before, it appears as a good chance. So, I ask for info and the info arrives. It’s a project by the English NGO “Momentum World” about the environment and sustainability in Keswick. But…where’s that Keswick? It would be great if I could precisely describe the place with words, but as a dyslexic, it’s a bit hard. So, let me show you how this small Cumbrian town, placed in the Lake District looks like. 

It’s the 2nd of October. Trevor –one of the Momentum World’s directors- meets me at the bus station. “Welcome to Keswick, Eva!” So, welcome me to this colorful, small, peaceful, energetic and full of nature place on earth. I couldn’t be more thankful for my luck and the latest choices. And that’s it! My Cumbrian EVS experience along with Momentum World had just started. My flatmates are Denisa and Edgar. Our apartment is a multicultural place where Greece, Romania, and Spain are about to cooperate for ten months. After meeting Ben and Trevor in the preparatory interview, it is now turn to meet Paul –our director for filming and video making-. I couldn’t be more excited! I’ll photoshoot and use my camera the whole year, though this time with a purpose. To promote international opportunities. And my mind is about to explode. Soon enough I’ve realized what a privilege this ten-month experience can be for my self-development. For my knowledge, my interests, my perception of the world, my CV. Living in another country under the protection of an NGO, improving my English skills while working in a multitasking field…what a lucky strike!

Only two weeks passed and Keswick feels like home. We already had the opportunity to visit some of the places around and experience the amazing nature of the Lake District. Glaramara, Derwent Water, Ullswater and the rest are about to come. More training, more filmmaking and a more active presence in international projects are some of my expectations in the near future. Though, admittedly, I’m extremely curious about the “place” that this experience will lead me after.

By Eva