When not on the move I am enjoying my time volunteering in a sound-picture association. There is variation within the work by making videos, attending workshops, helping out at training courses, and promoting international volunteering experiences. However, the bread and butter of the role is to photograph events and edit the pictures. I’ve found attending different events a good way to explore different corners of the local community…with the protective shield of being able to hide behind a camera! Sometimes the events are in English and you find yourself participating e.g. in the Closing Celebration of Elderly Month.

Other times they are in Hungarian and so communication relies on charades-style interactions and the 7 words of the language I’ve managed to get to grips with (hopefully remedied soonish as my language course begins next week!). Being so hands-on on a regular basis with the camera and in an environment with space for creativity is great, as last year somewhere on my way through the matrix of university deadlines I lost a bit of confidence in what I was doing (re all-things-camera/creative) and so for me, right now, I feel like I’m in the right place.

by Ellie