Aaaand another week has passed. Congratulations everyone, you made it back to everyone’s favourite weekly challenge: Monday.
To make it at least a bit more pleasant I am here to give you yet another blog post. This time after a very fun and eventful weekend.

I know, Thursday is not part of the weekend but I’ll start with Thursday anyway. Because I can.
So, on Thursday, Emilia and I went down to the big tent on the Rugby pitch here in Keswick, where the 23rd Annual Keswick Beer Festival took place from Thursday until Saturday.
We had decided to volunteer at the Beer Festival 2019 months ago, when Trevor, our supervisor who used to run the Beer Festival for many years, told us about it. We obviously didn’t need to think twice.
While the Thursday was just one hour for all the people who sponsored a beer, this year there were more than 200 different beers (we, unfortunately, didn’t manage to try them all, nobody actually should), it was very nice to get a feel for how the event is run and what the atmosphere would be like.

Over the course of the following two days, I got to try a lot of different beers (not a full glass for every single one I tried of course), get food for free because I was a volunteer, listen to some really great bands performing late in the evenings and make a lot of people happy by handing out a lot of beer.

The general feeling and atmosphere were really nice to be around, you had live music, people in fancy dresses and superhero costumes or you could simply watch so many people having an all around good time. (And we got free t-shirts and beer glasses, how cool is that?!)
On Saturday afternoon, the rain actually stopped and made it possible to be outside of the tent and not get soaking wet. To be honest, I didn’t expect that to happen at all.

Sunday was very fun too, but definitely a very different kind of fun than the Beer Festival. Together with some friends from the Lake District Calvert Trust, we had signed up for the Gelt Gladiator Challenge and now the day had finally arrived too.
Gelt Gladiator is something like a Tough Mudder run, you run a lot and have to overcome various obstacles and, of course, everything is very, very muddy.
We did the 10k challenge with 30 obstacles on the course. We had a lot of fun, got very dirty and now have very sore bodies.

All in all a great weekend!

By Max