The General Network Meeting was a great day full of learning and ideas, allowing us to reunite with fellow EuroPeers in an inspiring atmosphere. It focused onto the future of EuroPeers UK, sharing experiences and learning about European Solidarity Corps projects. Most importantly, it was a space for EuroPeers to reconnect with each other, have interesting conversations and shape the network together.

Even though Olga and Andrew kicked off the meeting, the day was mainly led by EuroPeers themselves, giving everyone a chance  to contribute. Being part of the Executive Team as Events and Initiatives head, I presented my vision and ideas for EuroPeers UK. One of the main areas I focused on was improving member engagement, which will be an important goal I set for the upcoming year. I am hoping to increase the interactions between different regions and create a space for ideas to flow outside the yearly meeting room.

It was also great having a representative from the National Agency with us, who lead a workshop about European Solidarity Corps projects, which showed us another amazing opportunity Erasmus+ offers for young people.

I am very thankful for Emilia and Max and for putting a lot of hard work in translating the EuroPeers UK handbook, it will act as a great resource for every EuroPeer wanting to organise an activity or get new ideas.

Even though there is a lot do, with such a great group of people in the network I am confident that EuroPeers UK will have an amazing year ahead, and I am excited to contribute to make the ideas happen.

By Vaida